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what can acupuncture treat?

Low Back Pain

 Pain due to a herniated or bulging disc responds well to acupucture treatment  


 Acute leg pain  can dramatically be reduced  by acupuncture treatment 


 This painful condition can be successfully treated by acupuncture. It has been shown to drastically reduce the pain 

Pinched Nerve

 Whether you have a pinched nerve in your neck or low back, acupuncture can help control the pain 

Headaches and Dizziness (tinnitus)


Headaches, whether migraine or stress, have improved by acupuncture treatments.

Dizziness or Tinnitis has been treated with great success

Tennis Elbow

This is a condition that acupuncture can help 

Cosmetic Acupuncture to reduce facial wrinkles and fine lines

The Acupuncturist can take 10 years off your face!  


Asthma has been treated by acupuncture wih great success 

Relief of Pain

Acupuncture, when done properly, can relieve many types of pain. Please contact us. 

about the acupuncturist


About the Doctor

Dr. Brian has been practicing acupuncture since 1989. He obtained a D. Ac. (Diploma in Acupuncture) from the Acupoints School of Acupuncture in Toronto. 

He also has a Dr. of Chiropractic which he obtained in 1988 from the College of Chiropractic.

You are in good hands!

Dr. Dr.Brian  has treated a variety of conditions with acupuncture. He will be happy to give you a free consultation in order to determine if acupuncture can help you. If not, he may  recommend another form of treatment or refer you on to another clinic. 

Insurance will cover the cost of your treatment sessions

Because he is a registered Acupuncturist, he has the ability to directly bill your insurance company.   This means no cost to you.

How Acupuncture Works

Simply put, Acupuncture "confuses " the pain pathways which allows the pain to be diverted from the pain receptors in the brain. This causes reduction in the sensation of the pain you feel. For other conditions , when pain is not the major issue , it's excellent   in stimulating healing 

Does the needles hurt?

No, the needles are actually fine wires which are pre- sterilized and used one time only. 



We direct bill to your insurance company...means no cost to you

Assessment and Consult ....$0.00 

First session....$80-$150

Subsequent sessions  $40-$65

Discount to Seniors and non -insured




"...I had Asthma for many years..then I found this clinic and it really helped me a lot..he had a lot of knowledge of where to place the needles... now it's quite managable..."  Ms. l.J. Aurora

Low Back Pain (Sciatica)

"...Acupuncture reduced my pain drastically...he also added some othertherapies along sidethe acupuncture treatments...||||Dr. Brian is a nice guy...thank you so much..." U.W. Newmarket 


"...I suffered from Shingles for several months before |I decided to try Acupuncture...the pain was on my right side around my rib area...it really helped with my pain...I feel lucky I found this clinic.." Mr. A.O.P. Bradford   

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